Introducing PF and PF Plus!

Do you have foot pain? Do you know someone with foot pain or foot problems? FootGlove PF and FootGlove PF Plus are the ultimate foto suppport socks. They are designed for hundreds of millions of people to solve the everyday problems of foot pain and discomfort caused by standing and walking all day while at work or participating in athletic, recreational and personal fitness activites.

FootGlove PF and FootGlove PF Plus are designed to:

  • Enhance foot comfort and add protection by impact dispersion through the PF Extra Shock Absorbent inner sole foam page.
  • Improve anatomical support and increase circulation in the ankle and heel area through compression.
  • Control odor through PF Silver Ions Technology.
  • Provide a truer performance fit by design and are labeled L/R for Left and Right foto use.
  • Manage foot moisture through the use of PF Drytech Fabric Layer.
  • Improve cell health, with Celliant, in FootGlove PF Plus.

FootGlove PF Plus is FootGlove PF with Celliant. Celliant are active minerals that is infused into our yarn and woven into our sock, shown to improve cell health, which aids healing, enhances muscle, and increases circulation.


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