The Best Ways to Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain can be annoying and is very common in the athletic world. Not only can foot pain ruin training but it can also ruin other daily activities. Foot pain can be caused in a number of ways and in most cases; foot pain is the result of either bad footwear or excess impact on the foot during exercise. There are a number of nasty foot injuries that individuals can get if they are not wearing the correct gear or training in the correct manner, including blisters and stress fractures. However, thankfully, there are a number of ways to heal and relieve foot pain after you have sustained an injury. It really depends on the injury you have and where the pain is, as many injuries may differ in location. Nonetheless, there are a number of general ways to relieve foot pain and this article will explain 4.


Once you have suffered a foot injury one of the best ways you can get rid of the pain and relieve yourself is through stretching the muscle. There are a number of stretches you can do and they are an excellent way to help the muscles heal around the foot. Even though this is a generic pain relief and healing technique, make sure that the injury is tendon related. Stretching your muscles will not benefit a stress fracture or bone injury. If you combine your stretches with men’s or women’s compression socks you can help promote blood flow and aid the muscles in their recovery.

Physical Therapy

If your injury is very bad you may need to consult a physical therapist. A physical therapist will need to be consulted if you have a serious foot injury and are unable to move around the house and perform daily activities. They will examine the issues and tell you the diagnosis, depending on whether you have already seen a doctor or not. Their goal is to help you move again and to regain the flexibility in your feet. They will educate you on methods and will try a range of natural remedies, including stretching if you are not already doing it. A physical therapist is one of the most effective ways to relief foot pain but they can come at a price so make sure your injury is serious.


This is an obvious one and your foot pain will not go away if you are continuing to train on a regular basis. You need to make sure you are resting your damaged foot and wearing the right clothing to promote blood flow to the injury. Athletic toe or finger socks with a compression fit are often an excellent way to promote blood flow and aid your recovery with rest. The tight fit will constrict your blood vessels and will force the body to focus blood towards the injury. Also, with the correct socks, you may be able to reduce the impact of walking through sewn-in foam padding.

Wear Foam Padded Footwear

When you are walking around on a damaged foot the pain can be horrible and it can stop you from performing daily activities. However, with foam padded foot support socks, you will be able to manage with day-to-day walking. The impact of walking and moving can be drastically decreased through compression sock pads and they are often used to prevent injuries in the first place. A lot of new sporting companies are creating padded socks and they can improve the healing progress making it easier to continue with normal functioning. FootGlove Performance Footwear has an advanced memory foam padded sock with compression abilities woven in, giving it a combination effect.

Pain in the feet can be relieved in a number of ways and through a little bit of research and education, it can be easy to aid recovery and get back to your training and daily life. Through the methods above, you can heal and relieve pain from almost every foot injury and through the addition of particular clothing, such as compression foam padded socks; you can speed up the healing process.