What Can Cause Foot Pain during Exercise?

There is a range of common injuries when exercising and this even truer for runners. In particular, common injuries that runners suffer from are involved with the feet. Foot pain can be very troublesome and without proper treatment and recovery, a runner’s performance can decrease significantly. There are a number of common foot injuries and most of these injuries are solvable through proper form and foot support socks. Some of the injuries suffered by runners are experienced by everyone, especially by people who are always on their feet. Some of the injuries are more serious than others and it can be helpful to know the most common foot injuries that can cause pain during exercise. This article will describe three and will explain how they cause foot pain.

Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is something that will be experienced by all runners at some point in their training and is more prevalent with long distance runners who are putting their feet and bones under increasing amounts of stress. Stress fractures are the result of high-intensity training and through a build-up of stress through repeated impact against the foot and ankle bones. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish whether the pain is the result of a bone fracture or tendon problems. There are a number of ways you can self-assess at home on whether you have received a stress fracture. Try hopping on one foot and identify whether it hurts. If it does, you may have to see a doctor. Men’s and women’s compression socks are an excellent way to prevent stress fractures through their extra padding. Foot support socks can reduce the impact of exercise and reduce the likelihood of bone related issues.


This is another very common injury suffered by every individual who has ever worn new shoes or engaged in long distance cardio. Blisters are a massive issue that results from improper shoe sizes and socks and happens because of the increased friction between the shoe and the foot. Socks are an excellent way to prevent foot blisters through enhanced wicking abilities and a tighter fit. Foot pain relief socks work through reducing the friction caused when the moisture from the foot is soaked up by the socks. Foot support socks are more breathable and allow for less moisture to cause friction, resulting in fewer blisters. Cotton toe socks can also reduce blistering between the toes through their finger toe designs. With the proper equipment, the common blister can be prevented.

Plantar Fasciitis

Another well-known injury that can occur during training is known as plantar fasciitis and it is to do with the big tendon that runs lengthwise along the foot. This injury is felt on the bottom of the foot and can feel like a sharp, stabbing sort of pain. The issue with this injury is that it can go on for a long time and can ruin a runner’s and athlete’s training period. This injury is usually caused through, again, improper shoes and socks because it is caused by the increased impact on the foot during high-intensity activity. The best way to combat plantar fasciitis is through better footwear and padded compression socks. Foot support socks are fantastic at reducing swelling, impact injuries and blistering and should be used by every experienced running and athlete. FootGlove Performance Footwear has a product which specializes in both compression fit and sewn-in memory foam padding to help with impact issues.

Foot-related injuries can be a pain and can stop you from performing at your best. There are a number of common issues related to exercise and, specifically, running. All the above are examples of problems every runner will experience at some point in their running career. The best way to prevent these is through having the correct gear and that includes professional, athletic socks. These will reduce the chances of getting blisters and other nasty surprises in the future.