Pregnancy, Your Feet, and FootGlove PF


It’s official, you’re pregnant!

The tests are conclusive and you have all the classic symptoms. You wake up nauseated. You are more tired than usual. Although filled with anticipation and excitement you are also dealing with these often troublesome symptoms.

You find that after being on your feet for a bit you experience a bit of tenderness and swelling. This is common and to be expected but that doesn’t diminish the pain or solve the problem.

When pregnant, a woman’s body will produce around 50% more blood and body fluids than usual to meet the needs of her developing baby. Although uncomfortable and inconvenient swelling is normal during pregnancy.

What can you do?

CTA-kickstarterSome physicians suggest resting on a regular basis, perhaps elevating your feet. This is a practical solution for some, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to do so. What then, is a viable solution?

Introducing FootGlove PF, an innovative, cleverly designed “sock” designed to target problems with feet. The fit of the “sock” is snug and works to restrict swelling, achy feet. Feet will feel more energized and better able to support your growing body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be comfortable while you are pregnant?

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to wear shoes that are too big for you because your feet are too swollen to fit your regular shoes?

FootGlove PF will come to the rescue of your tired, achy, swollen feet and offer instead a comfortable refreshed foot. Get ready to experience a new level of comfort during your pregnancy. FootGlove PF is ready, willing, and able to see you through your pregnancy.

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A Flight Attendant’s New Tool For Tired Feet

Foot Pain solutions for flight attendatns

Travelling can be very exciting!

Being paid to travel, perhaps even more so. The rewards of being somewhere new and different lessen the stresses of being away from home. Still, there are some professions such as Flight Attendant that not only require travelling extensively; being on your feet almost constantly is also required.

This can result in a body that is tired and achy. Particularly vulnerable to aches and pain are the feet, the most direct point of contact to the ground.
Countless hours of standing serving drinks or running through airports to catch your next flight can all take a toll on healthy feet.

From soreness and tenderness of the ankles, heels and toes to swelling and excessive perspiration the foot bears the brunt of the flight attendant’s day to day life.

What could be a possible solution to this annoying problem that is not likely to improve by itself?

Introducing FootGlove Performance Footwear, a uniquely designed “sock” that has been designed to promote the prevention of such issues with the foot.

The clever design is snug fitting with unique pressure points that target tender areas of the foot.

CTA-kickstarterFootGlove is simple yet very effective for healthy, happy feet.

Healthy, happy feet mean a healthier and happier you. FootGlove PF is revolutionizing happy feet and will make your life as a Flight Attendant much more bearable.

You will find the design to be attractive, comfortable yet practical for everyday wear.

Try a pair and find out for yourself what FootGlove PF can do for you!

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Factory Workers Will Love FootGlove PF!

FootGlove PF for factory workers

While standing in line at the grocery I overheard a gentleman talking about his new job.

“I really enjoy it so far, except for one big problem. My feet are killing me! I’ve never stood on my feet for this long.”

He went on to describe how even his shoes that he had to purchase specifically for his job weren’t helping. As a line worker in a factory he is required to stand for hours at a time with only two fifteen minute breaks and a half hour lunch in a ten hour shift.


The result he indicated was pain in his toes, arches of his feet and ankles as well as swelling. (You can learn a lot standing in line at the grocery!)

At that time FootGlove PF was just a concept, but I have since thought of him and how I wish I could have shared this remarkable new product information!

Not only would FootGlove PF have provided an attractive option for “socks” they would also have targeted his specific points of pain and tenderness. FootGlove PF can also come with celliant, which recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—infrared energy.celliant

FootGlove PF is such a perfect solution to the factory line workers’ complaints it could easily become a required part of the uniform as factory owners and workers become more educated of its uniquely designed functions.

Simple, yet remarkable as the most humble “sock”, FootGlove PF is the new direction in comfort, prevention and treatment of most foot ailments.

FootGlove is for Servers!


Going out to dinner, whether casual or fancy is a treat most of us enjoy from time to time.

We don’t usually think too much about the server as long as they are prompt and efficient in bringing us what we ask for.CTA-kickstarter

We don’t typically reflect about how much time their job requires of them being on their feet going back and forth from the kitchen to the tables. You can bet they think about it though as they take a much needed break and remove their shoes to rub their tired feet.

Very often overlooked as being an important body part the foot is often forgotten about until we suffer pain, blisters or swelling. A server is particularly vulnerable as their feet pound the ground on a daily basis, often resulting in excruciating pain.

metatarsalgiathuPain in the balls of the foot is very common, especially in the service industry. The name for this condition is Metatarsalgia, a pair of orthotic shoes are often a required part of the server’s uniform for this reason.

FootGlove PF is a revolutionary cleverly designed “sock” that specifically targets the tender areas of the foot which suffer the most from constantly being on your feet. It is important to address and take serious any pain in the foot as further complications can lead to drastic measures such as corrective surgery.

As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, FootGlove PF is no exception to the rule for prevention of foot problems.
Cleverly designed to be both uniquely attractive and functional for targeting specific vulnerable areas, FootGlove PF may very well become the future required part of the server’s uniform.

Find yourself working long hours standing on your feet? FootGlove PF maybe what you’re looking for. Check out our Kickstarter project and save up to 40% off retail by pre-ordering today!

Say Goodbye to Foot Pain: Introducing FootGlove PF


Do you suffer from tired, achy, and perhaps even swollen feet? Americans today are experiencing these symptoms from shoes that are poorly designed and ill-fitting that inhibits natural foot functions.

A new treatment concept has been introduced that will change the way we view our feet. The proposed new treatment involves the most humble of all clothing – the sock. Until recently, the sock has not been designed for any purpose other than to cover the foot inside the shoe.
Introducing a new product that is designed to bring your foot to its natural state and eliminate foot discomfort almost entirely.

FootGlove PF – The Ultimate Foot Support Sock.

foot-glove-layersFootGlove PF utilizes a unique innersole foam pad coupled with multiple types of fiber that directly affect the environment of the foot. Compression, tensile properties of the fibers, and their composition are used to both support and cushion the foot. This incredible design is not only extremely comfortable; it will offer capabilities to treat specific foot ailments.

Utilizing this concept, FootGlove PF will become the new center of preventive and therapeutic support and protection. FootGlove PF has such a high quality feel, it is nearly impossible to want to take them off! Imagine well-fitting socks that fit like a glove, keeping your feet comfortable and you happy!

Prepare to change the way you view socks forever. FootGlove PF is here to improve the condition and aid in the protection of your feet by providing high level support, unmatched cushioning, and therapeutic results.

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