FootGlove is for Servers!


Going out to dinner, whether casual or fancy is a treat most of us enjoy from time to time.

We don’t usually think too much about the server as long as they are prompt and efficient in bringing us what we ask for.CTA-kickstarter

We don’t typically reflect about how much time their job requires of them being on their feet going back and forth from the kitchen to the tables. You can bet they think about it though as they take a much needed break and remove their shoes to rub their tired feet.

Very often overlooked as being an important body part the foot is often forgotten about until we suffer pain, blisters or swelling. A server is particularly vulnerable as their feet pound the ground on a daily basis, often resulting in excruciating pain.

metatarsalgiathuPain in the balls of the foot is very common, especially in the service industry. The name for this condition is Metatarsalgia, a pair of orthotic shoes are often a required part of the server’s uniform for this reason.

FootGlove PF is a revolutionary cleverly designed “sock” that specifically targets the tender areas of the foot which suffer the most from constantly being on your feet. It is important to address and take serious any pain in the foot as further complications can lead to drastic measures such as corrective surgery.

As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, FootGlove PF is no exception to the rule for prevention of foot problems.
Cleverly designed to be both uniquely attractive and functional for targeting specific vulnerable areas, FootGlove PF may very well become the future required part of the server’s uniform.

Find yourself working long hours standing on your feet? FootGlove PF maybe what you’re looking for. Check out our Kickstarter project and save up to 40% off retail by pre-ordering today!