Factory Workers Will Love FootGlove PF!

FootGlove PF for factory workers

While standing in line at the grocery I overheard a gentleman talking about his new job.

“I really enjoy it so far, except for one big problem. My feet are killing me! I’ve never stood on my feet for this long.”

He went on to describe how even his shoes that he had to purchase specifically for his job weren’t helping. As a line worker in a factory he is required to stand for hours at a time with only two fifteen minute breaks and a half hour lunch in a ten hour shift.


The result he indicated was pain in his toes, arches of his feet and ankles as well as swelling. (You can learn a lot standing in line at the grocery!)

At that time FootGlove PF was just a concept, but I have since thought of him and how I wish I could have shared this remarkable new product information!

Not only would FootGlove PF have provided an attractive option for “socks” they would also have targeted his specific points of pain and tenderness. FootGlove PF can also come with celliant, which recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—infrared energy.celliant

FootGlove PF is such a perfect solution to the factory line workers’ complaints it could easily become a required part of the uniform as factory owners and workers become more educated of its uniquely designed functions.

Simple, yet remarkable as the most humble “sock”, FootGlove PF is the new direction in comfort, prevention and treatment of most foot ailments.