FootGlove for First Responders

First responders exercise for real world catastrophe First responders exercise for real world catastrophe

Anyone who works in the field of first responders understands the importance of good footwear.

The support we give our feet is critical to our job performance. Almost your entire shift is spent on your feet, so support and comfort are main priorities for your overall foot health. Getting half way through your shift and having to sit down because your feet hurt, means you need to pay better attention to your choice of footwear.

Paying attention to what you are wearing, in regards to keeping your feet healthy can spare you many types of aches and pains in the future. Having feet that are constantly in pain can cause your legs to hurt, lower back pain, swelling and many other issues within your body.CTA-kickstarter

Most people that work as first responders can attest that after they get off work they just want to put their feet up because they are so tired. Becoming aware of the products that are available to the public and are affordable is important to understand.

The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. Now, add in all the blood vessels and nerve endings and what do we have? A very intricate body part, topped with the fact that Nurses and Doctors are on their feet almost 93% of the day, exposing them to even more vulnerabilities than the average human being.

Introducing the FootGlove PF, a uniquely designed “sock” that has been engineered to promote the prevention and treat such issues with the foot.

The clever design is snug fitting with unique pressure points that target tender areas of the foot. With silver ion technology woven into the sock to prevent odors and a compression upper to reduce swelling and enhance circulation that also provides support.

FootGlove is simple affordable and very effective. Keeping your feet healthy and happy.

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