Doctors & Nurses appreciate FootGlove

Nurses & Doctor on their feet

Being a Nurse or Doctor is very rewarding.

The knowledge and training that both receive is highly recognized and not easy. They’re rewarded by the fact that their knowledge and training could potentially save a life. The ability alone to want to help another person is rare in today’s time.

While this seems like a Superman and Wonder Woman role it’s not, they’re still human just like you and I. My mother is a nurse so I’ve been able to see first-hand the side effects it has on your body. Tired, achy, sore, lower back problems, and the most common side effect is foot pain. Being on your feet for long periods causes damage over time. It’s not just your feet that’s effected, your entire body is.

The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles.

Now, add in all the blood vessels and nerve endings and what do we have? A very intricate body part, topped with the fact that Nurses and Doctors are on their feet almost 89% of the day, exposing them to even more vulnerabilities than the average human being.

From soreness and tenderness of the ankles, heels and toes to swelling and excessive perspiration. The foot bears the brunt of their everyday life.

Not a single day goes by that I don’t hear my mother, or others talk about how they really just need something that is easy and affordable. Seeing as I work in a shoe store I’m constantly helping customers that come into our store asking. “What do you think is best for someone like me, who is on their feet all day?” While I offer them what would suit best, they always ask “how much?” Because we all know it’s expensive to get good support and comfort for your feet. Well not any longer, today is the day all of that changes.

Introducing FootGlove Performance Footwear, a uniquely designed sock that has been specifically engineered to assist with the prevention and treatment of such issues with the foot.

The clever design is snug fitting with unique pressure points that target tender areas of the foot. With silver ion technology woven into the sock to prevent odors and a compression to reduce swelling and enhance circulation that also provides support. FootGlove PF is simple affordable and very effective. Keeping your feet healthy and happy.