FootGlove PF Launches on The Grommet

When Uganda Williams, Sr. of Panama City Beach, Florida lost his job, he knew he had to quickly find a way to support his family. He was able to replace his one construction job with two full-time, minimum-pay jobs, so he was on his feet 80 or more hours every week. The busy father of five found that his aching feet were unbearable, but he never had time to rest them: it was a vicious cycle. Not happy with current shoe inserts or orthotics, Williams designed his own compression sock with Extra Shock Absorbent (ESA) Foam Padding sewn into the foot bed. This brought immediate relief and a complete solution, so in 2014 he decided to share that relief and solution with others by starting a company to make the FootGlove PF Socks, as he calls them.

FootGlove PF Socks offer compression to enhance circulation

As well as a soft foam inner sole to absorb shock and pressure. The padding is made with ESA technology. In addition, the double-layer compression socks are infused with Silver Ions Technology and Extreme Moisture Control materials which keep sweat away from the feet and kill bacteria to avoid foot odor. While the ESA Foam Pad cushioning is a main feature of the FootGlove PF Socks, the compression also works with the padding to not only promote circulation, but also to provide support and reduce swelling. Swollen ankles and feet are a major complaint of people who are on their feet all day.

Now Williams is working hard to promote the FootGlove PF Sock’s concept, and the proof is that his product has been accepted by The Grommet. The Grommet is a website whose purpose is to showcase companies and products from underrepresented, value-based entrepreneurs. The website selects preferred small businesses and launches their products to a large audience. According to The Grommet, “When we choose Grommets, they are ready to find a wider audience and our product launch platform gives them the amplification and attention they deserve.” And that choice of products is very exclusive: The Grommet reviews at least 300 products every day, but only chooses 3% of those products into their ecommerce platform. Their self-stated goals include establishing new markets and creating new demand, generating nationwide brand awareness, fostering commitment to social good, and facilitating retail partnerships.

The Grommet’s selection of FootGlove PF Socks bodes well for Williams and his company

The company, whose stated mission is “to solve the world’s problems of foot pain and discomfort caused by excessive stress on the feet and lower extremities,” is well on its way. Customers include construction workers, restaurant servers and cooks, sports enthusiast, and many more. In fact, Williams hopes to benefit anyone whose job, profession or recreation causes foot pain and discomfort. So far, customers are giving the FootGlove PF Socks rave reviews.

It is important to Williams to be a good corporate citizen. While in the research and development phase, he contacted Gulf Coast State College and benefited from the advice of a technology student. In return, the company hopes to give back to the community. “As our company grows, we will give back to help with scholarships and other types of programs they have here,” says Williams. Moreover, “creating local jobs for this area that will pay people a living wage and it will be year-round work for the local people in this community” is another of his goals. The
future is bright for Uganda Williams, Sr.’s FootGlove PF product line, and now that his company
is featured on The Grommet, it looks even brighter.